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Vol. 3, Issue 6 - June 1999

Our First Annual Seattle X-Centric Issue Celebrating Creativity


    The funky affairs of Vern Fonk You've seen him on television with his silly commercials - but who is he, really? See how this local insuance agency uses their creative juices to market their company.

    A party fit for a queen Betty Bartholomew has retired, but we'll make sure she goes out with classic Lake City style! First, she's abducted in a Paddy Wagon, then whisked off to the Country Club...

    Meridian playground underway Friends of Meridian Park assemble to raise money to renovate playground.

    A creative approach to cleaning up The Lake City Taskforce creates banners to give the community a sense of unity and deter crime.

    Renaissance in Roosevelt Locals are tired of hearing complaints over junky properties and decide to spend their energy cleaning up instead.

    Grand opening for Wallingford office, June 15 The new W.E.aving Wallingford office combines several community groups.

    Sound Transit gives update on RTA Officials give status at Wallingford meeting.


    Air cleared for the Mass Ascension at Golden Gardens, June 20 Seattle's annual kite festival to bring bright colors to a gray day.

    Sports and Recreation Briefs Briefcase Relay Race, Family Fun Day at Meadowbrook, Family Skate Night at Bitter Lake, and Friday Teen Nights at Green Lake.

    University YMCA to break ground for expansion. Ground will be broken for a 4,900 square foot addition on June, 4.

    Relay for Life, June 4-5 The American Cancer Society annual fundraiser kicks off.


    Jane Explains: Why not 2K? Humorist Jane Lotter doesn't care if technology will all fall apart when the millenium clock ticks midnight.


    Not your father's church service By Donald E. Ross, pastor of North Seattle Christian Fellowship.


    Opinions expressed in this web site do not reflect the views of the publishers of the Jet City Maven. Everyone is welcome to write to express their own opinions. Check this site for deadlines.

    Days of feudal lords are back from Cheryl Klinker of Lake City.

    How can plan be approved when it doesn't meet code? from Sue Geving of Haller Lake.

    City let down neighborhoods from Jan Brucker of Licton Springs.

    Couldas, wouldas, shouldas... from Kevin McKeigue of Maple Leaf.

    Where's the community in Northgate Mall's plans? from Tom Heller of Lake City.

    Sense of betrayal from Joel Tufel of Maple Leaf.


    To Wedgwood, Matthew's was more than just a grocery store Neighbors come out in droves to protest the disappearance of another locally owned store as the Red Apple Loses their lease to corporate giant, QFC.


    Lincoln High School principal remembered By Stan Stapp. Homer Davis is remembered.


    PR firm markets with flair Muir Public Relations catches the press off guard with their ingenious marketing schemes.

    This is a job for ... Superbanker Local bank invents a new superhero, creates a comic strip, and dresses their staff in tights and capes to market their services.

    Greenwood/Phinney Chamber takes active role in community New chamber president, Dave Liatos, talks about Chamber events that unify the neighborhood.

    NW Hospital gets $1 million gift Donation to fund community health programs.


    The Fair ... one big shew! The Fremont Fair brings out the biggest and best entertainment this side of the ship canal.

    Greenwood Classic Car and Rod show, June 26 Over 600 classic cars are assembled for this yearly display.

    Bus Stop Expresso isn't just about coffee, it's a hangout for neighbors Bus Stop owners create comfortable and creative atmosphere where locals can talk politics, get together, or hang out.

    Secrets of songwriting revealed! Jason Trachtenburg.


    Paint connoisseur uses color to dress up life Rossman Paint Store creates wrapping paper and faux ceramic tiles with sponges.

    Professional painter turns supplier Pacific Northwest Paint and Tile begins new store and gives tips on preparing surfaces.

    Tips on hiring contractors to paint your house By Matt Maury of the Homeowner's Club.

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