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Vol. 3, Issue 4 - April 1999


This little piqqy went to the playground Sacajawea Elementary School starts piggy bank campaign to raise funds to replace the play structure that was destroyed by arson.

Fremont lands another major employer: Getty Images Largest visual content provider in world coming soon.

News Briefs Neighborhood development conference, Washington Wilderness, Sand Point, Roosevelt sewer repair, Spring Clean '99, and King County Fair Board.

Protestors target local store Don Willis boycotted by Union group from California.

City to get tough on housing violations in Roosevelt By Duncan Thieme. Community uproar over slum lords means tighter restrictions for everyone.

The sport of kite-flying is flying high The story behind Gas Works Kite Shop in Wallingford.

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City makes commitment A.J. Skurdal of Meadowbrook discusses the City of Seattle's promise to not sell property in the Hub Urban Village boundaries in Lake City.

School funding through taxes Fred Bucke of Roosevelt questions double property taxation for schools.

Are you listening, Mr. Steinbrueck? Darlene Cox of Lake City complains about his tax breaks for multifamily housing.

Cooperation needed to transform Lake City John (Jack) Morse, architect and planner from Wedgwood, says the next step in revitalization will be getting property owners to cooperate.

Moving on: a final report on neighborhood planning Department of Neighborhood's Dotty DeCoster expresses thanks and hopes after four years of planning.

Northgate: promises made/broken The Maple Leaf Community Council expresses dismay over City's decisions on the Northgate Mall General Development Plan.

Business Briefs Bottleworks, Frontier Bank, Lake City Book Store, Lake City Chamber, Maple Leaf Grill, and Schultzy's.

Youth named 'Future Entrepreneur of Year' Gordito's youngest employee, Shannon Hall, entertains waiting crowd and takes orders.

Non-native plants: Guests you can't get to leave Everyone knows about our plight with blackberries, but purple loosestrife is clogging ponds and lakes.

Replanting traffic circle April 10 Circle at 120th and 8th NE to be replanted. Volunteers needed.

The Journey Poem by Dorothea Nordstrand of Green Lake.

Local church steps out of box By Rhonda Cottrell. Alternative worship service featuring real rock-n-roll songs from the radio.

Buddhist monk to give talk

Yoga classes offered Ananda of Roosevelt.

Remember Helen Stout , the world's oldest teen-ager.

BF DAY auction raises record amount Auction was a virtual who's who of Seattle.

Olympic View auction nets $27K Community rallies behind local school.

Nathan Hale High Notes Students get kudos!

Thornton Creek... the beer? Fish Brewing Co names a beer after Thornton Creek Alliance to raise money for the community group in their fight to save the creek.

Seattle Fringe appoints new director Kibby Munson appointed new executive director.

Architectural tours of U-District Real estate agent, Jim Stacey, offers a humorous tour of local landmarks, including Ted Bundy's house.

Easter egg hunt at Wallingford Center Center holds hunt for three age groups to give even little kids a good time.

Sylvia's Little Red Hen Jason Trachtenburg talks one to one with Lee Hirschorn, owner of Seattle area's only live country music venue.

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