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Vol. 3, Issue 1 - January 1999


BIG labor takes on small community theater Staff writer, Nick Slepko, records his personal experiences attending a Civic Light Opera performance amid a musician strike.

News Briefs Pinnochio returned, Northgate Forum planned, King County programs, Ken Jacobsen, Green Lake Park Alliance birthday, and Frank Chopp.

Quadrant wins day in court Neighbors who want the developer to resubmit their designs for review lose their suit against Quadrant.

Neighborhood planning groups wrap up North District, Aurora-Licton, and Roosevelt finalize up plans.

NW Hospital to test its incinerator, Jan. 6 Hospital to resume burning despite controversy.

Photo essay of signs Area signs point out some highlights from the past year.

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Disappointed with lack of opportunities for public Robert Vreeland, 1st Vice President of Thornton Creek, voices disappointment over the lack of public involvement in decisions to develop Northgate.

Mall should 'do the right thing': daylight creek John Hoffman, famous local author of "The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving," takes time out to give his two cents on the issue of whether or not Northgate Mall should daylight Thornton Creek.

Mayor should let ethics commission do its work by Kent Kammerer.

Thanks for covering neighborhood issues by Keith Gormezano.

City should keep Parks Exclusion Ordinance as is by Paul Hovsepian, President, Greenwood Community Council.

Diary of a 12-year-old in Wallingford from 1933-34 Stan Stapp looks back at the diary he kept while living in the depression.

NSCC hosts exhibit from Scotland

Donations needed to replace playscape Vandalism leaves school in need of new playground.

Greenwood Elementary bustling Students busy as bees.

Business Briefs Tidbits of openings, closings, and other news about businesses located in North Seattle.

Frontier names new manager Ed Hodgins retires - again - and Evelyn Jones is named his successor.

Medina Grocery celebrates Ramadan Month of fasting does not deter grocery owner.

Sports and Recreation briefs Mustangs Northwest, Olympics 2012, and Ravenna-Eckstein Winter Camp.

Sand Point now The Base for Youths Old naval base is being renovated to house many community projects.

Gardening P-Patch being organized, Master Composter program, and Piper's Creek volunteers needed.

A forum for music, art, theater, dance, and other creative arts exclusive to N. Seattle.

Phat funk in North Seattle by Jason Trachtenburg of the Terriers.

Wuthering Heights returns to Empty Space

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