2004 Archives

Vol. 8, Issue 1 - January 2004

  • NEWS: Northgate compromise approved, Greenwood still sinking
  • JANE EXPLAINS: Stuffed animal prize can't produce Christmas cheer
  • EDUCATION: Homewaters Project merges science, nature
  • OUT & ABOUT: Council member Licata writes book for children
  • BUSINESS: Workers comp rates to rise,
  • and much more!

    Vol. 8, Issue 2 - February 2004

  • NEWS: Ballard booms, Developer teams with church on former school site
  • EDUCATION: Feb. 3 school levies, Water quality an issue in schools
  • POLITICALLY SPEAKING: Come on out to the caucuses
  • OUT & ABOUT: Meadowbrook concert series showcases local talent
  • BUSINESS: Noted economy watcher to speak,
  • and much more!

    Vol. 8, Issue 3 - March 2004

  • NEWS: Council to debate Magnuson fields plan, Thornton Creek plan unveiled
  • HEALTH: First Annual Health Issue
  • EDUCATION: Author of parenting book stresses respect for children
  • POLITICALLY SPEAKING: Mayor should focus on regulatory reform, not giveaways
  • OUT & ABOUT: Steve Key making mark on local folk scene,
  • and much more!

    Vol. 8, Issue 4 - April 2004

  • NEWS: Street closures could contain Costco traffic, Lights the big issue at Magnuson Park
  • EDUCATION: Hamilton Middle School students complete neighborhood history project
  • OUT & ABOUT: Young Playwrights' work to be featured at theater festival
  • JANE EXPLAINS: Book 'Em Jane-O! Green Lake Library is back.
  • SOUL FOOD: Churches answer call of needy
  • and much more!

    Vol. 8, Issue 5 - May 2004

  • NEWS: Monorail takes fire from Crown Hill neighbors, County considers selling Wallingford site
  • GARDEN: Wallingford Garden Tour set for Saturday, May 22
  • OUT & ABOUT: Parenting organization to benefit from U Village ArtWalk
  • JANE EXPLAINS: Jane considering robot helper for next Spring clean
  • EDUCATION: Alternative Elementary II third-graders create original opera,
  • and much more!

    Vol. 8, Issue 6 - June 2004

  • NEWS: Ballard park to include skatebowl, U District Alcohol Impact Area debated
  • HOME: Swanberg Realty a company of firsts
  • OUT & ABOUT: Art Cars return to Fremont Fair
  • BUSINESS: Storefronts spruced up along the Ave with the help of city program
  • STAN STAPP: My country home in the city,
  • and much more!

    Vol. 8, Issue 7 - July 2004

  • NEWS: South lot compromise on the horizon, Kramer Creek buried again
  • HOME: Dunn Lumber offers environmentally-friendly wood products
  • OUT & ABOUT: Greenwood Car Show kicks off another round of summer festivals
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Technology, tradition coexist at McManus Shoes
  • ROBIN DALY: Take cues from neighbors homes when choosing exterior colors,
  • and much more!

    Vol. 8, Issue 8 - August 2004

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