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Vol. 6, Issue 1 -January, 2002
*New Name - Jet City Maven is now the Seattle Sun *

  • NEWS: Aurora Avenue study; What's to become of the Northgate South lot; Developer donates towards Wallingford Steps; Greenwood Library planning resumes.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: The art of "fence."
  • EDUCATION: Parochial schools attract students of other faiths.
  • HOME AND GARDEN: Green Laker publishes book on investing in condos.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: New president for Greenwood Phinney Chamber.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Bankers quit to open Thai Pearl restaurant.
  • STAN STAPP: Last thoughts on 2001.

    Vol. 6, Issue 2 - February, 2002

  • NEWS: Sports field lighting generates more controversy in North Seattle.
  • HOME AND GARDEN: The dish on dinnerware in Ravenna.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Ballard and U-District Chambers focus on fun.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Live From North Seattle! Music Column debut.
  • STAN STAPP: Retired Ballard principal championed free speech.

    Vol. 6, Issue 3 - March, 2002

  • COMMENTARY: Seattle Sun turns 5!
  • NEWS: South Wallingford planning splits community.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Haller Lake to host curling championships.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Fremont artist turns studio into breakfast venue.
  • STAN STAPP: Prominent citizen Trevor Kincaid.

    Vol. 6, Issue 4 - April, 2002

  • NEWS: NSCC student elections nearly scrapped.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Alley Chevrolet sold to Bill Pierre.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: CLO gets new director.
  • STAN STAPP: Much ado about bridges past and present.
  • EARTH DAY: Preservation depends on us.

    Vol. 6, Issue 5 - May, 2002

  • NEWS: North Precinct looks for a place to expand.
  • HOME & GARDEN: Feng Shui - moving furniture for a better you.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Home Improvement on menu at Cranium's.
  • STAN STAPP: Burgermaster serves billionaires and non-billionaires alike.

    Vol. 6, Issue 6 - June, 2002

  • NEWS: Greenwood protests loss of crosswalk.
  • HOME & GARDEN: Veronica Wood- glass artist.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Vagrant Records renovates building.
  • STAN STAPP: Wallingford contributed to World's Fair.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Lake City Contra Dance.

    Vol. 6, Issue 7 - July, 2002

  • NEWS: Lake City Farmer's Market opens, City Light to sell surplus substations
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Summer festivals in Greenwood & Ballard
  • MUSIC: FUNC looks to expand.
  • STAN STAPP: The Green Lake saltwater project.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Jackson Park Golf Course

    Vol. 6, Issue 8 - August, 2002

  • HISTORY: Joe ice ceam trucks
  • HISTORY: Betty Bartholomew's exciting life.
  • HISTORY: Larry's Market's Green Lake roots.
  • HISTORY: Lake City bell
  • STAN STAPP: North Seattle 75 years ago.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Lake City Summer Festival, silent film in Fremont.

    Vol. 6, Issue 9 - September, 2002

  • NEWS: Police contemplate staff cuts.
  • MUSIC: Singer-songwriter Eric Apoe to perform.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Alzheimer's fundraiser former member of Dutch resistance.
  • RETIREMENT LIVING: Bringing seniors and computers together.
  • STAN STAPP: Stan's busy summer.

    Vol. 6, Issue 10 - October, 2002

  • NEWS: Merchants concerned over changes to Aurora.
  • MUSIC: Open mikes in North Seattle.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Youth baseball players nearly make World Series.
  • BOOKS: Wallingford author is cook and story teller.
  • JANE EXPLAINS: A new buyer for the Kalakala.
  • STAN STAPP: George Benson - Father of the Waterfront Streetcar.
  • and much more - including bonus articles found only on our website!

    Vol. 6, Issue 11 - November, 2002

  • NEWS: Creeks still being covered, Ravenna update, More sidewalks in Lake City, Jim Neidigh.
  • MUSIC: Lil' Puddin'.
  • HOME AND GARDEN: Property taxes.
  • EDUCATION: Chess player.
  • JANE EXPLAINS: Taking the heat.
  • STAN STAPP: Things you find on the street.
  • and much more!

    Vol. 6, Issue 12 - December, 2002

  • NEWS: Burke-Gilman trail in Ballard, Fremont Market rally, and more
  • OPINION: James Bush
  • MUSIC: Billy Moon.
  • BUSINESS: Twice Sold Tales.
  • EDUCATION: Nathan Hale Horticulture.
  • OUT & ABOUT: Phinney Winterfest, Wedgwood Broiler, and more
  • and much more!

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