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Vol. 5, Issue 1 - January, 2001

  • NEWS: History House director resigns; New Greenwood library.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Fremont Chamber hands out awards.
  • SOUL FOOD: New pastor at North Seattle Alliance Church.
  • HOME AND GARDEN: Ambiente Tile; Gutters.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Wallingford Boys and Girls Club; Tiger Muskies added to Green Lake.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Stephen King series "Rose Red" filmed at Sand Point.
  • STAN STAPP: Recalling Sand Point's famous pioneer aviator visitors.

    Vol. 5, Issue 2 - February, 2001

  • NEWS: Saving the Kalakala - again; View Ridge fights cell towers; Developers rebuild Lake City; PCC closes Ravenna store; Fred Meyer expansion planned; Safeway plans appealed.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: New Lake City Chamber president.
  • SOUL FOOD: New Synagogue in View Ridge.
  • HOME AND GARDEN: Lighting conservation.
  • EDUCATION: St. Benedict School; Maple Leaf Lutheran school; Fairview School.
  • STAN STAPP: The amazing monolith; new carousel at Woodland Park, etc.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Blue Onion Bistro.

    Vol. 5, Issue 3 - March, 2001

  • The Jet City Maven celebrates our 4th Anniversary!
  • NEWS: Wallingford native heads Safeco; Playfield lighting expert gives his side of the story; Phinney RPZ plan on hold; Asbestos abatement demolition company causes controversy.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Wedgwood's business strip buzzing with activity.
  • SOUL FOOD: Our Lady of the Lake school makes community service a part of curriculum.
  • HOME AND GARDEN: Replacing windows? Here are some ideas.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Empty Space hires new artistic director.
  • STAN STAPP on Jensen's Rules - a guide to getting a job; and Lincoln HS secretary.

    Vol. 5, Issue 4 - April, 2001

  • Celebrating the Environment in Honor of Earth Day!
  • NEWS: Buyer found for south lot, Earthquake after effects, North Seattle mourns the loss of several important individuals.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Greenwood/Phinney to get new street lights.
  • SOUL FOOD: Fremont Baptist gets new Pastor.
  • HOME AND GARDEN: Conservation
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Vegetarian restaurants
  • STAN STAPP on the Earthquake and other tales.

    Vol. 5, Issue 5 - May, 2001

  • NEWS: Broadview gets street of dreams, Ravenna Creek daylighting, .
  • EDUCATION: Ingraham High School adds new program.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Deaf World Games athlete Heather Lightfoot.
  • SOUL FOOD: Sakya Monestary.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Globe Tavern
  • STAN STAPP: A year in the life of students at Lincoln High, 1933.

    Vol. 5, Issue 6 - June, 2001
    3rd Annual North Seattle Ex-Centric Issue Celebrating Creativity!

  • NEWS: Tent City, Northgate South Lot, Meadowbrook fields flooded, Shoreline Food Bank closes door to Seattle residents.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Martha Nishitani
  • SOUL FOOD: Creative weddings.
  • HOME AND GARDEN: Ciscoe Morris, Creative use of rooms
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Teahouse Kuan Yin, undercover pageant judge, Greenwood Car Show
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Ray Munger.
  • STAN STAPP: JPJ Bombers, 'tough love' principals, and playing ball with Tiger.

    Vol. 5, Issue 7 - July, 2001
    *Home Improvement Special Section *

  • NEWS: Vacant retail, Ed Hodgins passes, FUNC, 522, Thornton Creek, and more.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Mieko's Lake City Fitness
  • SOUL FOOD: Gospel jazz singer Dave Boyer.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Cooper's, Kemly Electric, Thai restaurants, Seattle Academy of Fine Arts, Salmon art projects.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Between Cultures.
  • STAN STAPP: Tracking down Lincoln graduates, Edelstein, and more.

    Vol. 5, Issue 8 - August, 2001
    *Annual History Issue *

    Vol. 5, Issue 9 - September, 2001

  • NEWS: Fremont Neighborhood Council; PNA paint project; flooding; and more.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Ingraham Fields undergoing renovation.
  • SOUL FOOD: New pastor at Judson Baptist.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Green Lake Library, What's Cookin' in Wallingford, Empty Space.
  • HOME IMPROVEMENT: Explaining dimensional lumber.
  • STAN STAPP: Mr Baseball and more.

    Vol. 5, Issue 10 - October, 2001
    *Candidate Endorsements *

  • NEWS: Muslims Proud to be American; Provail housing; Reservoir security; Wedgwood crime wave; and more.
  • SOUL FOOD: What is Islam? Who are Muslims? These answers may surprise you.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Green Lake Canoe Club
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Native American murals at Licton Springs, Civic Light Opera, and Seattle Public Theater.
  • STAN STAPP: Old Lincoln annuals.

    Vol. 5, Issue 11 - November, 2001

  • NEWS: Talaris research lab comes to Laurelhust.
  • SOUL FOOD: North Seattle authos pen "Judaism for Dummies."
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Creative tactics counter recession.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: North Seattle haunted houses.
  • STAN STAPP: Love letter from 1915.

    Vol. 5, Issue 12 - December, 2001

  • NEWS: Northeast Seattle parents concerned about middle school assignmnts; Simon decision expected on Northgate.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Late night program provides alternative to gangs.
  • HOME & GARDEN: Homeowner makes mountains out of mole hills.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: PNA Winterfest crafters and muscians profiled.
  • STAN STAPP: Street cars were Seattle's first light rail.

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