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Vol. 4, Issue 1 - January, 2000

  • NEWS: Green army men attack Safeway store model
  • CREATIVE CORNER: Seattle on zero dollars a day By Matt Asher.
  • SOUL FOOD: Lake City Presbyterian to add breakfast service
  • EYE ON EDUCATION: Local Waldorf School expands
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Fremont loses the Glamorama
  • STAN STAPP: Milton's letter press

    Vol. 4, Issue 2 - February, 2000

  • NEWS: Safeway requests rezone, new libraries in North Seattle, and more.
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Essential Baking opens cafe, TPN moves
  • HOME IMPROVEMENT: Explaining fuse box numbers
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Haller Lake's Granite Curling Club, Northacres Park considers Off-leash area, Meadowbrook Playfield controversy, and more.
  • SOUL FOOD: Taproot Theater
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Lake City Monday Night Contra Dance
  • STAN STAPP: Seattle General Strike of 1919

    Vol. 4, Issue 3 - March, 2000

  • The Jet City Maven celebrates our 3rd Anniversary!
  • NEWS: Mall wins day in court , New park in Greenwood planned , New parking restrictions in Licton Springs. Millenium Tree Project, and more.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: NSCC and the WNBA fight over Seattle Storm name, Meadowbrook Playfields, New disc golf park in Licton Springs.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Green Lake Bathhouse gets new tenant
  • STAN STAPP: Wallingford Library, Trudy Weckworth retires

    Vol. 4, Issue 4 - April, 2000

  • Celebrating the Environment in Honor of Earth Day!
  • NEWS: Thornton Creek versus Northgate Mall
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Homesick for Buddy's
  • HEALTHY LIVING: The Greater Seattle Soccer League
  • STAN STAPP: Diary of a Bachelor

    Vol. 4, Issue 5 - May 2000

  • NEWS: Phinny building needs funding for paint, Greenwood Library site concerns, Wash DOT's plans for 522, and more.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: One World Aikido
  • EYE ON EDUCATION: First ever Miss North Seattle
  • CREATIVE CORNER: A non-sense of direction By Dorothea Nordstrand.
  • STAN STAPP: Granum Tea Company

    Vol. 4, Issue 6 - June 2000
    2nd Annual North Seattle Ex-Centric Issue Celebrating Creativity!

  • NEWS: Thornton Creek gets "creek" status
  • EYE ON EDUCATION: Frank Chopp visits B.F.Day Elementary School
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Haller Lake's Creative Dance Center
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Activspace
  • STAN STAPP: The Catabbit

    Vol. 4, Issue 7 - July 2000

  • NEWS: World record set at Sand Point , Sound Transit route plans
  • HOME IMPROVEMENT: Water Saving Guide
  • SOUL FOOD: New Pastor at Calvary Temple
  • CREATIVE CORNER: Two O'Clock Concert By Dorothea Nordstrand.
  • OUT AND ABOUT: 50th Anniversary of the Greenwood Seafair Parade, Lake City Elks turns 50.
  • STAN STAPP: Tales of Greenwood past Cops, robbers, and the world's tiniest newspaper.

    Vol. 4, Issue 8 - August, 2000
    *Annual History Issue *

    Vol. 4, Issue 9 - September, 2000

  • NEWS: Cedar Park dedication, transient problems, Wedgwood Xmas tree lot, and more.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Ingraham Fields undergoing renovation.
  • EYE ON EDUCATION: John Stanford School opens in Wallingford
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Wedgwood Ale House; History House turns 2.
  • STAN STAPP: Ravenna Cave opened its mouth 43 years ago

    Vol. 4, Issue 10 - October, 2000

  • NEWS: South Lot for sale, Trudy Weckworth honored, Northgate plan portion realized
  • SOUL FOOD: Art Night at Green Lake Presbyterian.
  • HOME & GARDEN: Bumper Crop on Haller Lake
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Star-vivor Contest at Puyallup Fair
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Movie filmed at Frontier Bank
  • STAN STAPP: The War Years North Seattle in the 1940's.

    Vol. 4, Issue 11 - November, 2000

  • NEWS: Playfield Lighting, Thornton Creek pro-salmon groups sue Northgate Mall
  • EYE ON EDUCATION: Dr. Noble leaves NSCC
  • BUSINESS BEAT: South Wallingford Group Forms
  • OUT AND ABOUT: Backfire, PNA Winterfest
  • STAN STAPP: Folkdancer Alice Nugent.

    Vol. 4, Issue 12 - December, 2000

  • NEWS: Non-conforming structures, new Greenwood walkway, workshops at Hale.
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Playfield lighting
  • SOUL FOOD: Good time to visit your place of worship
  • BUSINESS BEAT: Winkleman's Hardward closes.
  • STAN STAPP: Diary of Wallingford Youth.

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