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Want to be published? A guide to the locals and who's reading what!

Code Publishing Co.
Ravenna 527-6831

Legal publisher of municipal codes, they print and update law binders for nearly every municipality in the state of Washington, ironically except for the city of Seattle where they happen to be located.

Does not accept manuscripts.

Margaret of Code Publishing says they get inundated with poetry, but can't do a thing with it!

Fantagraphics Books
Maple Leaf 524-1967

Publisher of comic books, including works by Robert Crumb, Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, Hernandez Bros. and the Comics Journal, a trade magazine.

Accepts prospective manuscripts.

Eric of Fantagraphics says he's looking for artists who "do it all themselves" including write, illustrate, and color their own comics.

Snail mail comics to: 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

Mountaineers Books
Downtown Seattle 223-6303

Mountaineers Books grew out of the Mountaineers club, founded in 1906, with 15,000 members. Connie Saxton says that the non-profit group publishes non-fiction works promoting environmentally friendly, non-motorized outdoor sports and travel. One of their most famous series are the numbered hikes series covering states from Virginia to Colorado and countries such as Tibet and Austria. Over 500 titles of field guides, maps, conservation books and more are in print.

Accepts prospective manuscripts

Since the group is non-profit, prospective authors must do much of the marketing legwork themselves, including finding out the competing publications and demographics of potential buyers. Call 223-6306 for directions.

Rose Alley Press
University 633-2725

Publisher David D. Horowitz only publishes local area writers and supports the local economy by using Seattle printers and vendors where possible. A Lincoln High School grad, he and most of his writers are UW alumni.

Some of them include: Douglas Schuder, To Enter the Stillness; Michael Spence, Adam Chooses; and Joannie Kervran Strangeland, Weathered Steps; Victoria Ford, Rain Psalm; and William Dunlop, Caruso for the Children, & Other Poems. He has also published his own works including, From Notebook to Bookshelf.

Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

"I contact writers whose work I want to publish," says Horowitz. However, he's happy to give advise and you can find him at most trade shows.

Downtown Seattle 467-4300

Originally a spin-off of the Seattle Weekly, Sasquatch publishes non-fiction directly related to the NW, Alaska, and the West and is one of our areas largest publishers. Accepts prospective manuscripts

Complete directions are on both their voice mail and website at:

Seventy Fourth St. Productions
Greenwood 781-1447

Their mission is to develop and market high quality literature that promotes art and classical literature. Author Peter Kahle retells classic Shakespeare for children. Poet Marvin Bell writes "Poetry for a Midsummer's Night."

Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Instead, send a query letter to the publisher at: 350 N. 74th St., Seattle, WA 98103.

Sign With Your Baby
Northgate 364-4676

Primarily a marketing company designed to promote the learning kits designed by sign language teacher, Joseph Garcia of Bellingham, the company only has one product on the market: lessons on teaching hearing babies sign language. A new kit for teaching preschoolers called, "Pick Me Up" is about to be released.

Accepts prospective manuscripts.

Material must be related to sign language.

Email a query letter to:

Studio Foglio
Ballard 782-8739

Out of the 200 products they publish, 196 are by the owners of the company, Phil and Kaja Foglio. Their most famous product is the Girl Genius card game. They also print comic books, games, graphic novels, and trade publications. Does not accept other authors' works.

However, they do hire colorists and inkers.

University of Washington Press
Downtown Seattle 543-4050

Publishing authors worldwide, they are one of the areas largest publishers of Northwest related non-fiction, history, culturally ethnic works, and environmental publications. In addition, they also publish the works of professors and faculty at UW.

Gigi Lamm of UW says the most famous are: Murry Morgan, Skid Row; Ruth Kirk, Sunrise to Paradise; John Haines, For the Century's End, and the list goes on and on!

Accepts prospective manuscripts

Go to the website and first send a query letter.