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District presents Roosevelt renovation plans


On Jan. 29, the School District unveiled six new potential site plans for the Roosevelt High School renovation project, which is slated to begin in 2004.

All the designs, with the exception of the no-action alternative, show some kind of combination sports field (either a soccer/football field with a track or a soccer/football field with baseball and softball diamonds). School District spokeswoman Kathy Johnson said that none of the plans currently include field lighting for night-time games.

Site plans also show that property acquisition near the school is still on the table. One of the six alternatives shows the School District buying the half-block of property closest to the school between 12th Avenue NE and Brooklyn Avenue NE. NE 66th Street would then be rerouted around the field and a parking area.

Greg Stack, a spokesman for the site plan architect, Northwest Architectural Company, said the School District does not plan to obtain much land for the proposed Roosevelt High School renovation project. Two of the site plans, however, show new buildings going in on both of the blocks between NE 66th Street and NE 65th Street and Brooklyn Avenue NE and 15th Avenue NE. Those new buildings would be developed by other entities, perhaps in partnership with the City. "Currently, we understand that QFC is looking at those blocks," Stack said, when asked of who the potential developer(s) might be. Bill Low, real estate manager with QFC, declined to comment for this article.

Roosevelt High School is located at 1410 NE 66th St. For more information about the renovation project, call Kathy Johnson at 252-0653.